Do you want to dress to impress for a specific occasion?

Do you want to discover what clothes are appropriate for interviews and the world of work?

In an interview, do you want to become memorable for the right reasons?

Do you want to discover how to boost your confidence and create a professional image at interview?

Do you need to wear a specific dress code for 6th form or at work?

Do you want to look effortlesly cool but don’t know what works for you and your body shape?

Do non-school uniform days fill you with dread and fear?

Do you wear make-up but are unsure how much or how to apply it?

Young Adult Consultancy for Teenagers, School Leavers and Graduates

My main role when working with teenagers in schools, school leavers and graduates, is developing them as young people and helping them present themselves well now, and for the future. During a Personal Teenage Image session, I stress the importance of looking bright, becoming visible role models and being counted for, for all the right reasons.

With 22 years of teaching experience in a wide range of schools and with various responsibilities (Head of Section, Head of PSHE and Head of Year), I’ve witnessed at first hand the importance of building self-esteem in young people so that they feel empowered to take on life’s challenges. In my role as an Image Consultant, I explain that improving the way they present themselves to the outside world will have huge impact on the way they feel.

Love clothes or not, that initial impression someone gives off through their body language and clothes, can largely influence how other people react towards them which can ultimately lead to success in everything and anything they do.

For Teenage Image Consultancies I can work on a 1-2-1 basis (Head Boy/ Head Girl), in small focus groups (School Prefects) or through group workshops and Year group presentations. I can also implement my services in schemes of work relevant to your bespoke requirements.

The content of my work in schools/colleges can be tailor made in order to reflect your schools/colleges aims and to compliment your Further Education, Interview, Career or PSHE programmes. The main topic areas that I cover include:

  • The power of the first impression.
  • The impact of body language and appearance
  • How to project authority and confidence, whilst still expressing individuality
  • Dressing to suit you!
  • Dressing appropriately and for all occasions (interviews, school, social settings)
  • General grooming (and make-up tips) unique to the individual and shopping hints.

Why not let me, help your students improve their presentation skills so that they get noticed for all the right reasons?

Please feel free to contact me with your requirements and I can send you a tailored agenda.

I have a transferable DBS certificate.